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Software that speeds up PCR interpretation process

Results Manager™ makes it easy to manage and interpret PCR data according to user-defined rules. You’ll generate results faster, with less risk of error and in fewer manual steps, thus minimize your overall hands-on time.
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Working with Results Manager

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Are you struggling with PCR interpretation?

Here are 2 warning signs showing it’s time to make a change:

  • 1You’re still wasting lots of time on hands-on PCR results interpretation.
  • 2You’re still struggling to generate reliable results.
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Results Manager helps you speed up PCR interpretation process.

Results Manager software gives you ultimate flexibility to define interpretation rules for both in-house and commercial assays. Based on these rules, Results Manager will automatically generate 100 % reproducible results, even from complex assays.

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See how Results Manager helps you get more accurate results with less hands-on time.

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Removing hands-on analysis time


Easily and quickly set up interpretation rules

Set up complex, custom rules into an easy-to-understand visualization.


Remove hands-on analysis time

Based on the defined rules, result interpretation and run validation is automated. No more hassle of manually handling raw data.


View all results in one place

Get an immediate view of relevant results in one place. You’ll be able to quickly spot those that need attention. Trace them back to the defined rules that they’re compiled upon.


Review and approve results at speed

Flag the results that require actions and add a comment for the second reviewer. This saves you both time and sanity as the whole approval workflow happens in one place.


Automatically transfer results

After the approval, the results can be automatically sent to LIS. All the results are stored and fully traceable in result history.

Generating reliable results


Increase reliability

The automated analysis of results leaves no margin for user error. Rest assured that you’ll get 100% reproducible results.


Improve traceability

The full audit trail gives you a clear picture of what has happened, where the data came from, and how the results were generated.

Speed up your PCR interpretation process!

See how Results Manager helps you to get more accurate results with less hands-on time.